Advisor – Rs 3000 + GST / year
Max Earnings – Rs 3500 / day and above

An advisor is a person, who promotes the installations of Jobx Robot app by sharing a referral link from advisor Dash Board. An advisor can use all mobile phone contacts, social media platforms, personal status, etc. to promote Jobx Robot app. All users, who register using the referral link will be called as 'My Customers'. Likewise, an advisor can also refer new promoters, advisors, job providers, etc to Jobx Robot.

  • Passive income on Promoter Sales. Here, we use Binary revenue share of Rs 100/- per pair of 1:1 ratio with 5 pairs cap per day.
  • Direct Referral Income on Advisor Sale – Rs 500.
  • Passive income on advisor Sales. Here, we use Binary revenue share of Rs 300/- per pair of 1:1 ratio with 10 pairs cap per day.
  • 20% profit share on Job Provider referrals.
  • An advisor is permitted to submit the mobile numbers of 100 professionals of various service providers. For each number Rs 50* is paid as Task Income as shown below:
  • Rs 50 is paid after professional downloads the JXR app, fills the application form.
  • * Rs 100 will be paid, if advisor refers two direct advisors with in one week from the date of upgradation
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