Check the requirements you meet :


Commissions will be immediately credited into advisor wallet, from there, you can withdraw to your bank account.
No, there is no age limit to become an advisor.
No, but, you must have a smart phone and a quick learner.
To become an advisor, pay Rs. 3000 for individual or upgrade to premium package for professional.
Binary Income is basically passive income. This is paid on the referrals of your direct referrals and so on. Your directs are placed in two channels namely Alpha and Beta. One sale in Alpha and one sale in Beta will form a 1:1 pair. For every pair of advisors, you will get a compensation of Rs 500. Per day, you can get income from only 5 pairs and additional pairs matched will be flushed off.
From your dash board, you will get an form to fill professional details, after your fill the details, the professional has to install JXR mobile app and fill the tariff details. After that, our company will verify the professional and if every thing is found correct, you will be paid Rs 100 per registration. You will be give 100 days time and a limit of 100 forms. If any form is incorrect, it will be deducted in your quota of 100 forms.