About us

As an IT company, our extensive experience dates back to 2004, during which we have developed over 3000 dynamic websites. Over the years, we have honed our skills and expertise to meet the evolving expectations of customers in the digital landscape. Our proficiency extends to catering to individuals with minimal internet exposure, where we have created user-friendly web layouts and mobile screens.

Our talented IT team, known for its adaptability and quick learning, empowers us to diversify into various domains. We've been on the lookout for an opportunity to leverage our expertise for the benefit of people across India. Our goal was to create a business that could improve lives and be accessible to everyone. After thorough research, we identified the services sector as a largely unorganized space, where customers seeking professionals struggle to find reliable options, and skilled professionals lack a platform for visibility.

This realization led us to launch a comprehensive local search platform that operates seamlessly across multiple platforms, including our website, mobile website, and Apps for Android and iOS devices. Our mission is to make life easier for individuals by connecting them with the right service professionals according to their needs.

Our flagship product, JXR bridges this gap, offering accessible local search functionality across India. We consistently update and refine its features to provide a user-friendly experience for our customers, ensuring they can access our services anytime and anywhere on the go.