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If you see cockroaches and mice running around your house? It’s time to call pest control services to get it fixed immediately.

But the bigger question is when is the best time to hire pest control services? In spring, or wait until summer?

Summer is the best time to use pest control services. However, you might be surprised to know that there are many more reasons why it's the most popular time for people to get this type of service. Do you want to know what they are? read on to find out.

The earlier you get your house treated for pests the better, it will last longer. When you wait until pests are apparent, the exterminator will need to spend more time and effort on extermination, which could make the process of getting the pests eradicated very time-consuming and tedious for you as well.

As spring approaches, insects and rodents leave their hibernating sites and become more active. They start seeking food and invade homes during these warm months.

Few insects have a low tolerance level, like ants, spiders, cluster flies, and bees. During colder climates, these insects are vulnerable, and it is easier to eradicate them.

How Often should you hire for pest control services?

So the next question to ask is, how often should you hire a pest control professional? And the answer is once a year, preferably around the same time each year.

But the frequency of pest control services again depends on many factors, including the size of your property, the type of pest infestation, and how long it takes for them to breed and spread.

Sprays are not always effective in exterminating pests. You'll need professional treatment to eradicate the problem at the source, and one such company that provides reliable yet instant services is JXR.

What are the best treatments you can use to get rid of the bug infestation?

Gel Lure Technique:

Gel bait is one of the commonly used methods for pest control. It is highly effective and considered to be gentler on the environment as compared to other pesticides. In this technique, the gel is applied to the areas where the pests are seen or suspected to exist. They get lured to it and die accordingly.

The main advantage of using this technique is that it is safe to use and does not harm your house or your family members, including your pet.

This treatment can also be used to get rid of ants, bed bugs, spiders, and any other bug infestation that may attack your house and cause a lot of damage to your furniture, appliances, and walls. The process can be done in several ways depending on what suits you best; however, one thing that needs to be kept in mind while using this technique is that any food items must be removed from the room before applying gel since the gel can contaminate your food. Using the gel bait technique requires a professional and no one does it better than JXR.

Internal Pest Control :

Spring and summer is the perfect time when pests find it easiest to enter and make your home their own. High temperatures can help pests survive during the winter, and the fact that people tend to open their windows in the spring and summer months also makes it easier for pests to enter. These pests can lead to many different problems in a home. For example, mice can cause structural damage, such as chewing through walls, while cockroaches can carry illnesses, such as salmonella. Therefore, when spring or summer arrives, it is crucial to call for professional pest control services to inspect your house and spray all around the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where pests like to make their homes.

Termite Control :

If you have a lush green backyard or front yard, you will have bugs as your in-house guests. The most common are termites and ants, but they can sometimes be hard to spot because they are tiny and blend in with the surroundings. One of the easiest ways to tell if you have termites or ants is to look for sawdust-like particles around your home. This sawdust is leftover when the insects eat away at wood inside the house.

Protect your property from these pesky critters by avoiding creating opportunities for them to come into contact with the wood. After drilling windows and doors, our carpenters cover the holes with a liquid (usually water) and white cement that acts as a barrier between the wood and the insects. The cement hardens in place, and it will last anywhere from 3-to 5 years depending on weather conditions.

If you are looking to get rid of the bugs in your house and are in search of professional pest control services, that can get the job done instantly. We have what you are looking for, check out JXR to meet all your service needs.

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